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  • Who are you?
    We are a company dedicated to national tourism in Costa Rica, with the best standard and service in the country.
  • Do you have offices?
    No, we do not have offices, it is a digital agency, if we had an office our tours would be a little more expensive since it is a large expense to maintain one.
  • How do you assure me that they are not a scam?
    Usually scams ask you for card numbers, we will never ask you for that information. In the reservation stub we send you the account numbers with our personal information.
  • Why do I have to pay in advance?
    When we receive your payment we are saving the fields for you and we are making sure that you will arrive at our activity. Otherwise we would run the risk that you will not arrive and we will lose the non-paid field.
  • To which accounts is the payment made?
    Before making a payment, check availability of the activity.
  • What reservation data do you request?
    We request the following data:• Full name:• Number of fields:• Point:• Requested date:• Telephone number:
  • What are these data for?
    These data are used to add you to the list and once you make the payment, write it down. In addition, a coordination group is created with the participants of the activity to send news and important information about the tour.
  • Under what modality are refunds made?
    No type of refund is applied unless it is an error of Inside Tours Costa Rica which, under the supervision and the indicated protocol, will make the refund of the payment.
  • What happens if the quota is not met?
    Normally our quota is always met, but we cannot deny the possibility that an activity does not reach the minimum and we must resort to canceling the tour, the client will be found an equal tour, they will be given the option to change it for another or full refund.
  • Do they have insurance?
    Yes, we have Civil Liability Policies as a Tour Operator from the National Insurance Institute.
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