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 By reading this privacy agreement, I attest that I have provided my data in a legal and real way, on my own account, and I agree that Inside Tours accesses my information and is stored and used for your own database. I understand that my previously provided information may be used for Inside Tours publicity media.


The Privacy and Security Policy of INSIDE TOURS COSTA RICA applies to the collection and use of the information that you provide us through our Website, said information will be used only by INSIDE TOURS COSTA RICA in the fulfillment of its purposes. INSIDE TOURS COSTA RICA uses automated systems for the detection and prevention of computer attacks, minimizing the possibility of suffering damage or alterations in the information available on the Website.


They allow us to generate reports and logs of improper access to and from our site. The information will be used for the purpose for which it was requested. INSIDE TOURS COSTA RICA respects your right to privacy, and will not provide third parties with the personal information of its users, without your consent, unless required by current laws.


We protect the transfer of personal data and the integrity of the Website using 2048-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology as a secure channel in the transactions you carry out. Our Certificate Authority is VeriSign and the domain for which the digital certificate was issued. Given no system can guarantee complete security, it is about keeping the information that the User provides or accesses as secure as possible, including its physical security in the location of the server where the information is stored.



Web transactional systems are hosted on computers protected by firewalls, therefore there is access protection against hackers. On the other hand, the systems have authentication mechanisms that guarantee that the information will not be accessible by other unauthorized users. There are also backup mechanisms to ensure that data is not lost in the event of catastrophes.



Periodically, the data that you provide us through the Website that may be modified will be reviewed and updated.


The Privacy and Security Policy of INSIDE TOURS COSTA RICA was updated on 04/01/20 It may be modified periodically, in which case the modified Policy will be communicated on the Website.

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