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To request a reservation we require the following information:


• Full name of the Reserve Holder:

• Tour to book:

• Number of fields:

• ID number or Passport

• Indicate if you are National or Foreign:

• Date of the tour:

• Point:

• Phone number:

• Email:


PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE INFORMATION BEFORE BOOKING. If you continue with the reservation, you are accepting our processes, terms, conditions and policies of your reservation and understand that these are not negotiable. If you do not read the complete information and proceed to make your reservation, we are not responsible for the information provided and not read by the buyer.



Once you provide the requested information, you have 3 days to confirm your reservation with the minimum payment requested of ¢10,000 or $20 per field for one-day tours, if your activity is in US dollars. If the reservation amount is not received within the established period, the reservation request will be cancelled. 


When sending the data you will be on the tour list, however your fields are not guaranteed until you make the corresponding payment, so before making the payment CHECK AVAILABILITY AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE MAKING THE PAYMENT and wait for confirmation since you will have Priority who cancels first.


If you are making an international package reservation, you must confirm the minimum reservation for your trip per person.



The outstanding balance of the tour must be paid a maximum of 3 days before departure. Due to company policies, payments are NOT ACCEPTED on the same day of the tour, without exceptions. 



If you are making a reservation less than 3 days before the tour, you must make the full payment. 



To request a reservation for more than 4 people, you have 2 days from the reservation date to reserve the fields with the minimum reservation, the pending balance must be due no later than 5 DAYS BEFORE the date. In case of being less time than the established period, the full payment must be canceled within 24 hours, this to guarantee the number of spaces.



Payment is made only by transfer or deposit

All accounts in the name of: 3102748359 LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY

Legal ID: 3-102-748359


In the payment detail, place the tour code + CUSTOMER NAME

If you do not have the activity code, request it through the means in which you made the reservation.


SINPE MOBILE: 7297 0820








• IBAN Account: CR52010200009375073254


• IBAN Account: CR09010200009381120911



The account and the name and legal identification number must match those provided, we are not responsible for deposits made incorrectly and that are not to our accounts.



If you want the invoice in your name, you must indicate the following information, only before making the payment. 


* Full name

* ID number

* Telephone

* Mail

* Address


These data must be sent by message, photos or audios are not received to provide billing data, if they are not sent as requested, billing delays may occur. INVOICES ARE NOT MADE FOR RESERVATION AMOUNT, YOU MUST BE FULLY PAID TO APPLY YOUR INVOICE. The invoice of your activity will be sent 24 hours before or after the activity.



A whatsapp group will be held 1 day before departure, to coordinate your activity, where confirmed departure times are provided, recommendations, we also send the photo of the transport. If you are in the wrong group or do not see information sent after the group has been created, send a message requesting information to the same group to be resent. IF YOU ARE NOT IN A GROUP within 12 hours of the tour, request information immediately, there may have been an error in the data entry by either party.




We understand that there are unexpected events, but to create a healthy and clear environment for both parties, we have reservation policies that must be fulfilled by the client, THESE POLICIES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE.




  • If the company must suspend the activity due to some factor such as: (Weather, minimum not met, strikes, closures or etc…) Apply for a change of date or use of the amount in favor to be used within a period of 12 months.

  • If the client does not show up on the day of the activity, they will not get a refund.

  • If the client cannot attend due to illness, symptoms related to COVID or an accident, he must present the inability only to the CCSS to proceed to leave his amount in favor for a future trip. Opinions from private clinics will not be accepted. The maximum term to deliver the information is 48 hours.

  • If the client has symptoms of COVID days before the activity, they must present an authorized positive test in order to use their credit balance in future activities.

  • If the client happens to the eventuality of a death of a DIRECT relative, before carrying out the activity. You must present the death certificate to leave the credit in your favor and that it be used in a period of 12 months. 

  • It is not possible to arrive on the day of the activity with extra participants as space is limited.

  • If you made more than one reservation, no balance is reconciled in favor if one of the participants cannot attend. The reservation amount is per person. In the event that a companion does not attend, you must pay the outstanding balance of those who will attend.


If you are going to cancel the tour for any eventuality, keep calm and request it in a cordial way, our team will help you clarify any doubts and provide you with the necessary support to apply the necessary policies, please be kind and respectful. If the client's attitude is rude, our agent will ask you to send your claim to where the case will be reviewed within a period of 5 days and a response will be given to your case.






  • Given the current situation we are facing due to the Covid-19 World Pandemic, the client must accept the protocol that will be sent by our company after completing the reservation process and due payment. Also to commit to follow all the indications that our team indicates for the good of the activity and safety of all those involved in the tour.


  • We always want to go on tour, but it is understandable that each tour has a minimum budget and must be met to provide quality service. All activities have a minimum quota, in case of not meeting the minimum, the company reserves the right to reschedule your activity in accordance with the reservation policies.


  • The itineraries of the tours are approximate hours and when booking you are aware that the company is not responsible for loss of itinerary time on the road due to causes beyond our control such as: road closures, demonstrations, climate changes, landslides, dams, etc. Likewise, the client is aware that we are not obliged to remunerate or compensate in any way for any change in itinerary on the way due to causes such as the examples mentioned.


  • For the comfort of the user in the transport, a hand cooler and a backpack are allowed, coolers or suitcases that exceed the measurements 46 cm x 35 cm x 25.5 cm and 10 kilos per person are not allowed.


  • In case of carrying a cooler or suitcase that exceeds what is allowed, you must pay an additional $30 to your rate or discard them by your own means, the driver or coordinator is free not to receive these items in case you do not want to pay the additional, if the client gives up going to the activity for this reason, no refund or change of date applies since it is previously notified in this message.


  • The means of transport is appropriate to the size of the group of the day. Always based on the regulations of the Public Transport Council - Tourist. Not exceeding the permit capacity of the unit. There is currently no current regulation from the Ministry of Health where carriers are requested not to use the full capacity of the unit.


  • On the day of the tour the fields are available as the clients arrive, our coordinator will accommodate them so that they go as close as possible, but you must be clear that there are transport units, in which on occasion you have to be separated . If you wish to guarantee the space with your companion and reserve it in advance, the cost is an additional $20 per person to your reservation and must be paid at the time of reservation.


  • Notify us if you have any allergies or special conditions prior to the activity, also remember to notify us if you require vegan or vegetarian food. No special requests for diets. Remember that the places visited are sometimes rural, so the food in certain restaurants can be very different from what is usual, always bring a snack to complement. In the event that any dish included in our package is not to your liking, you must immediately notify the group coordinator so that it can be resolved immediately.


  • Sometimes our drivers are in charge of the groups, please request the instructions in case of not being well followed or otherwise request information to whatsapp +506 7297 - 0820


  • You are traveling with an INS Tour Operator Civil Liability policy, you must take into account that you must follow the recommendations indicated by the driver or coordinator during the activity, the policy releases us from all responsibility for not following the indications previously provided or not mentioned by our team.


  • The person in charge of the group is an activity coordinator who is a member of our team  and provides customer service to our group, if you require a naturalist guide for any particular activity, you can previously indicate the additional it is $40 per person.


  • Please, the consumption of liquor must be limited or rational, the members of our team are free not to deal with drunk people, in the case of having a person under the influence of liquor, our team can stop the unit or activity to ask them to complete the activity on their own along with their companions. If it is a person who has been causing problems for the rest of the group and travels alone, it will be left at the nearest Public Force station, the return will be at your own expense.


  • It is totally forbidden to carry pots, cups or other sharing with food prepared in the transport that can filter food odors, nor to eat greasy foods or drink unauthorized drinks in the transport, you should always finish your food outside the transport.


  • In the case of children under 4 years of age, they are not charged in the rate, these do not include food or a field in the unit, they travel in laps. In tourist transport services, the use of a booster or chair is not required by law, however, if the father or mother wishes to carry their minor in a device, they must cancel the field or seat that has a value of ¢15,000, it must be requested. at the time of making the reservation to guarantee the requested field to the minor. In the case of requiring food for the minor, the additional amount of ¢10,000 must be paid to cover said food, it does not apply to Ponderosa or other tours, please consult before.


Updated 06/29/22

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